An impression of our house and the your quarters, including a small enclosed part of the garden at one side of our house where you can take a seat undisturbed.

The complete dormer is our B&B. The right window is your bathroom-window and the 3  windows on the left are your sitting room / bedroom


Examples of destinations that you can easily reach by bike or on foot:

(top left to bottom right)

  • the Brunssum Moorlands
  • Slouner Berg

  • De Kollenberg

  • Hillensberg

  • Sittard

  • Ferry Berg a/d Maas

  • "Hollow road" on de Kollenberg

  • Cyclejunction in Hillensberg

  • Highest viewpoint of the whole area


Richtingaanwijzer voor de Slouner Berg
Pad richting Sittard
Ons dorpje Hillensberg
Markt van Sittard
Veerpont Berg a/d Maas
Fietsknooppunt nabij
Holle weg op de Kollenberg
Pad richting Sittard

Examples of destinations that you can easily reach by car:

  • Valkenburg

  • Rursee

  • Thorn

  • Maastricht

  • the Three-Border-Mark in Vaals

  • Monschau

  • the "Mergellandroute"


Valkenburg (Lb)
Wandelen en varen bij de Rursee
Vrijthof van Maastricht
Uitzichtspunt Drielandenpunt