Max. 30 minute drive

Although Sittard with its historic centum is well worth a visit, easy to drive roads allow you to visit one of the many outdoor cafés on the Vrijthof of Maastricht, the designer outlet in Roermond or the German city of Aachen with its cathedral and many other places of interest.

If you prefer to avoid the big cities or if you like to go into nature reserves then you can also reach the Belgian Kempen, the Drielandenpunt in Vaals or the Maasplassen with the famous town Thorn with ist many white houses in 30 minutes.

And don't forget the hills of South Limburg that are literally at your feet. Although the Mergellandroute is no longer promoted, you can find the entire route on the Internet; all direction signs are also along the entire route.

But perhaps the best tip is the website; here are lots of possibilities to explore South Limburg. Within half an hour you can reach the whole of South Limburg and you can continue your other activities on foot or by bike after arrival.

On the site-page "Events and Activities" you can find many other possibilities that can be reached within half an hour.



Max. 60 minute drive

If you have no difficulty traveling longer than cities like Eindhoven, Cologne, Liège or Brussels can be reached within 1 hour.

If you prefer to explore nature, the Belgian Ardennes or the German Eifel with the famous village of Monschau are excellent destinations that you can reach within 1 hour.

Or what about a boat trip on the German Rursee which you can combine with a nice walk?

There is so much to experience and after an hour's drive you are literally in another world. Cross bordering visits are at your feet.