We would like to show you a small selection of possibilities in the immediate vicinity where restaurants and supermarkets are situated.

Although we serve a breakfast on request (7,50 Euro per person) you can also have a stylish breakfast in Castle Doenrade (1) or for a few Euros in a real German "Konditorei" (lunchroom annex bakery) in Susterseel (2).

Lunch or dinner is served in the Greek restaurant "Santorini" in Doenrade (3), in the restaurant "Windraak 31" (4) with a unique concept or in one of the many restaurants and bistro’s on the marketsquare in Sittard (5).

Because of our unique location, visiting a German restaurant is also a possibility. In Wehr there is both a Greek and a Croatian restaurant: "Olympia" (6) and "Zagreb" (7).

A Spanish restaurant "El Piemento" (8) and the German restaurant "an der Waldschäncke" (9) is located in Süsterseel. Both have a beautiful terrace in the middle of a forest. Also recommended is the “Park restaurant” in Tuddern (14) where you can dine in style; reservations are highly recommended. Or you may visit a typical German Gasthof "Zur Bahn" (13).

In case you are looking for a diner of take away, in Oirsbeek "Snackpoint" (10) and in Süsterseel is “Bella Italia" (11) located where they prepare respectively Dutch snacks and Italian dishes.

And if you want to buy groceries there is both a Dutch (12) but also a German Aldi (15) supermarket nearby.

This is of course only a few of the many possibilities as we have limited ourselves here to the dining options in the immediate vicinity which can be reached by car in a few minutes or most of which can be reached by bike in about 15 minutes. Almost all of the mentioned locations can be found on Google.