Whether you walk or cycle from our house to the left or to the right, after 100 meters the extensive walking and cycling area starts which allows you to make beautiful trips by the combined Dutch and German cycling network.

Many cycling nodes are located in the near vicinity, which means that the ferry across the river Maas, the town of Valkenburg or the moorlands of Brunssum can be reached in (less than) 1 hour by bike.

Or you walk to Sittard. In 1 hour, a beautiful walking route takes you to the center of Sittard via paved field roads. You will pass the highest point of our municipality (Schlouner Berg 101m) which gives you a wide view of the whole area. You also pass the St. Rosa chapel where after a steep 50 meter descent you reach the center of Sittard.

On the site-page "Events and Activities" you can find many other possibilities.